Animal Reiki is an Excellent Relaxation Therapy

Equine Reiki

Reiki is an excellent relaxation therapy for you and also for your pets and animals

As a practitioner giving Reiki to animals is a relaxing exchange of energy. This benefits you as much as it benefits the animal you are treating.
A Reiki healing session is a wonderful way to bond and enjoy relaxation time with your animal friend.
Most animals instinctively know you are trying to help them. They will stand still to receive the Reiki energy. Some will move around and turn parts of their body towards your hands. This is them indicating which areas need most treatment.

Reiki is appropriate for abused and neglected animals

Some animals may have suffered anxiety, trauma, abuse or neglect. They may not stand still the first few times that you treat them (if ever). I have found in my experience as a human and animal Reiki practitioner that animals love Reiki.
Those animals I have worked with who have suffered abuse and neglect are very receptive to Reiki. They may not show the initial acceptance that other animals do. Perseverance and regular treatments are key when working with traumatised animals.

Reiki benefits the practitioner as much as the animal being treated

Giving Reiki to animals is very rewarding and enables you to form a closer bond with your pets.
I have found a great reduction in my own stress levels since I started giving Reiki. I work with my own pets and other peoples animals.
Animals such as Horses have very large heart chakras. They will send you much love in abundance if you allow yourself to receive also.

How to give Reiki to your pets and animals

Many practitioners will want to start at the animals head and work their way down the body. This is the usual way to treat in human Reiki. This procedure is not needed when treating animals necessarily. A hands-on treatment may obstruct you when dealing with a nervous or withdrawn animal.
When treating animals you can simply stand or sit at a distance and send to the animal as a whole. You will need to gain the animal’s trust. Hands-on treatment is not necessary as most animals are much more open to receiving than us humans!
If you can use the hands-on method then you can follow your instincts as to where you need to go.

You can form a closer bond with your pets an animals through Reiki

You can talk to the animal as you do the treatment if you wish. I have found that if you are treating an animal who doesn’t know you they may be nervous and untrusting of humans. It is often better to just send Reiki from a distance that the animal is comfortable with quietly to start with.
Send your intention to the animal that you are here to help and you expect nothing from them. This is especially helpful when treating horses as they are used to us humans asking a lot of them. Let them know you love and care for their wellbeing.

How often to give Reiki to your pets and animals

You can treat your own pets at home two to three times a week initially for around six weeks. After that perhaps once a week or when you and your pet feel is appropriate. My old german shepherd dog would come and stand under my hands to let me know!
When treating other peoples pets and animals I find that once a week for 4 to 6 weeks is generally manageable for the owners.

Give back to your pets and animals

Our pets and animals are here to support us emotionally and for us to learn from caring for them and their needs. They tend to soak up our emotions and problems like sponges. This can cause health problems for them.
As a rule, I advise owners that the whole family should consider having treatment. In many cases, there are stresses and problems in the owner’s lives which are being unknowingly soaked up by their pets.
The pets in our lives give us so much, and it is very rewarding to give them Reiki healing in return.

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